X Factor: Judges At WAR – And It’s All Down To Simon!

Who says the show’s become predictable?

Simon Cowell has been accused of ‘stoking up tensions’ between the X Factor judges, by deliberately winding them all up and annoying them with his diva-ish behavior.

It’s ALMOST as if he’s looking for more headlines, wouldn’t you say?

According to an elusive ‘show insider’, Simon is hell bent on winding the fellow judges up as much as possible – keeping the panel waiting for two hours after they had put in six hours’ extra work on a night shoot for an X Factor advert,  and also being late for the second day of filming in Manchester.

We’re sorry Si, but when you’ve got your own helicopter, there is literally no excuse for tardiness.

Speaking to The Sun, a member of the production team said, “So far the atmosphere has not been great to say the least. The only person who gets on with everyone is Simon but it’s as if he is deliberately letting the fires build by being late and making everyone grumpy.”

What a naughty little sausage.

But according to this ‘member of the production team’ (*cough* Louis Walsh *cough*), there’s method behind Miss Cowell’s diva-ish madness – it’s good for the ratings, duh: “He’s the first to admit the show has started to run its course and it’s harder to get viewers to engage with the acts. However, what does work are fights between the judges. He knows what he is doing. He loves being the master puppeteer.”

And Simon was surely busy pulling his strings yesterday as the X Factor auditions rolled into the capital, with Cheryl, Mel and of course Lou-Lou Walsh looking resplendent on the red carpet.

Be sure to expect more of this ridiculousness over the coming weeks – the X Factor will be returning to our screens this very summer, PEEPS.

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