X Factor’s Mel B Says She Doesn’t Buy Her Husband Presents Because He Has Her

We actually love her.

After news broke that Mel B’s husband, Stephen Belafonte, had treated the X Factor judge to a new, £20,000 Wedding ring, the natural question was what romantic gesture will Mel be making in return.

And the answer?

Well, nothing… Apart from exist that is.

When asked what Mel was planning on getting her hubby as a thank you for the ring, Scary Spice told BANG last night: “He has this!” As she gestured at her pretty amazing bod.

The 39-year-old then had a change of heart and was gracious enough to say that in return for the diamond, she won’t kiss anybody else.

Erm, probably a good start?

When asked to play ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ out of her fellow X Factor judges, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, and Cheryl, Mel dished: “Well, I just got a new blinger so I won’t be snogging anybody apart from my husband.

“I think at least I owe him that.”

The former Spice Girl has three daughters – including baby Madison with her husband – and is stepmother to Stephen’s daughter, Giselle, so it is no surprise that she is trying to perfect the balance of her working and personal life whilst on The X Factor.

And it sounds as though the busy lifestyle is catching up with her, with Mel saying: “I just fed my kids mac ‘n’ cheese and a bit of chicken and sausages and then I came down here smelling of mac ‘n’ cheese!”

Sounds like a christmas fragrance waiting to happen, to be honest.

She goes on to add that she simply doesn’t have the time to read up on what people are saying about her on twitter, insisting: “I’ve got better things to do like look after my four kids and cater to my husband.”

Well, Jack Walton/ Jake Quickenden social media blunder aside, we would say that Mel has nothing to worry about on the Twitter front.

After all, X Factor viewers have been raving about Mel’s wacky, no-nonsense attitude, and she has proven to be one of the more popular judges.

Heck, even Union J managed to say some kind words about her when they took the time out to slam the X Factor contestants, with JJ Hamblett saying: “I think Mel B is awesome, she’s not getting the credit she deserves.

“You can tell that she doesn’t care and I love that about her.”

And we have to agree. 

Although we somehow don’t think that her eliminated act Jack Walton would be so kind… 

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