X Factor’s Stereo Kicks Slag Off Louis Walsh: ‘We’re Glad To Be Away From Him’

Poor ol’ Louis Walsh isn’t having the best of times lately, following reports that he’d been axed from The X Factor after eleven long years on the show, Stereo Kicks, who he used to mentor, have come forward to royally slag him off.


The eight-piece hit the headlines during their stint on the last series of the show when Lou-Lou suggested that he’d cull a couple of members from the band because he never wanted it to have eight members in the first place, and as the boys gear up to release their first single they admit that they are happy to be rid of him.

Tom Mann, who wrote their track ‘Love Me So’, hit out at the Irish music mogul to The Sun, saying: “We had a bumpy ride because everyone was like, ‘Are there too many, are there too many?’

“Obviously Louis didn’t exactly help the situation by suggesting that a couple of us should be kicked out of the band.

“I’d be lying if I said I wish we were still with Louis. If I’m honest then I’d say we’re glad to be away from him.”


The 21-year-old was obviously feeling chatty that day, as he goes on to add: “Louis is lovely but I don’t think he was right for us.

“Sometimes he does say the wrong things, so we’re happy to be doing our own thing now.”

Despite being a judge on The X Factor ever since the show started back in 2004, but is thought to be calling time on his time in the spotlight, saying on an Irish chat show: “I think I’m done with ‘X Factor’, honestly.

“My day job is as a manager, I’ve kind of neglected that. I want to get back to being a manager.

“I’ve done eleven seasons. That’s a long time in television. I think they’re going to change it, go for a few new faces.”

Well, if Simon is ever looking for a new face on the judging panel then he’s spoilt for choice with the eight beaut Stereo Kicks faces – speaking of, why don’t we have a gander at their brand new lyric video below?

Nice one, lads.

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