Zac Efron’s Birthday: His Hottest Muscles Instagram Pics

He has an impressive set of biceps.

And Zac Efron isn’t afraid to get the guns out for a social media snap, whether he’s making skateboards while shirtless or riding horses top-naked. Yum.

As Zac celebrates his 27th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his muscliest MazSight pics.

1. Zac’s shirtless BBQing

“Check out the new trailer for @Neighborsmovie, another great #ZacEfron comedy coming up next year! Would YOU want these guys living next door? http://on.fb.me/1asuy2M #NeighborsMovie #trailer #movie #film #comedy #May9”

The caption from Zac’s team asks us to ponder the question: would you want these guys living next door? Erm HEZZLE YEAH.

Zac’s biceps, triceps, abs, pecs and whatever those neck muscle things are called are all up in our face and WE LOVE IT. If our ‘Neighbors’ looked like that we’d be hanging out by the BBQ all. the. time.

2. Zac running wild

“In case you missed #ZacEfron on Monday night’s #RunningWild with #BearGrylls, watch the full episode now: http://bit.ly/zebearep – #TeamZE”

When you’re running wild with Bear Grylls, you’re gonna be putting your muscles to good use.

Need evidence of how hard Zac is working his guns? Just check out those bulging veins in his arms.

Zac loves putting his survival skills to the test, filtering his own water and making fires. Grrr.

3. Zac’s shirtless horseriding

“Word on the street is it’s #ManeCrushMonday, so we’re dedicating it to #ZacEfron’s beautiful #ItalianStallion Falcor. ;-) – #TeamZE #mcm”

Yes we know the focus of this collage is supposed to be Zac’s horse Falcor. However.


Biceps, triceps, pecs. *faints*

4. Zac’s muscly DJ set

“#ZacEfron prepping for his role as Cole in #WeAreYourFriends! – #TeamZE #wayf #edm #dj”

Zac got some DJ practice in for his role in ‘We Are Your Friends’ with his arms on full glorious display. The black and white only adds to the phwoarsomeness.

What we particularly love about this shot, however, is Zac’s uncanny resemblance to Chuck Bass aka Ed Westwick. Must be the eyebrows. Mmmmm.

5. Zac working out

“#REGRAM from @chiaraaurelia: Great day on the set of We Are Your Friends with the awesome @zacefron! #WeAreYourFriends #WAYF #WorkingTitle”

Ever wondered how Zac keeps his physique in tip-top droolworthy condition?

His ‘We Are Your Friends’ co-star Chiara Aurelia let us in on his workout regime in this shot, which Zac then shared as a regram, of the two of them lifting weights.

Keep sharing the shirtless and arm-tastic shots, Zac, and we’ll keep drooling.

Rob Cesternino

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