Zayn Malik FINALLY Breaks Twitter Silence After Quitting One Direction – Thanks His Supporters

It’s been almost a month since Zayn Malik broke our little hearts by announcing his departure from One Direction, and it  may have taken a while but the gorge singer has finally broken his silence.

Take your time then, Zayn, it’s not like we’re getting any younger over here.

Following his successful comeback into the limelight on Friday night at the British Asian Awards, the 22 year old is obviously feeling a lot better about everything and decided to return to his social media accounts to publicly address his sensational decision to quit the biggest band ever in the world.

Writing to his millions of followers, Zayn said: “Wanna say thanks to everyone that’s been there for me over the last few weeks,  love you all.. you know who you are x”.

Erm, you could have just @’d us, babes?

His kiss at the end of the tweet for some reason raised some kind of confusion among his fans, with the Bradford bad boi returning just a couple of minutes later to clarify: “The x is a kiss by the way ha it’s not a mystery ..

Rob Cesternino

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