Zayn Malik ‘Isn’t Panicking’ About A Sex Tape According To His Rep

When we first heard the rumours that there was a sex tape of Zayn Malik floating about that DIDN’T include Perrie Edwards, we had two thoughts: 1. Hubba hubba,


We mean, the last time the 22-year-old heartthrob was given a whole load of slack for being a ‘lothario’ he ended up quitting One Direction, so you can understand why we’d want to keep the Malik-related dramz on the down-low.

Anyways, just as we suspected a rep for the star has now come forward to insist that the high-cheekboned one has absolutely nothing to worry about, because no such tape exists.

The source told Now magazine: “The story is completely fabricated. There’s absolutely no truth to this whatsoever.”

We ruddy told you so.

The whole debacle kicked off when a source who pretended to be a pretty close chum of Zayn’s (no, not Naughty Boy), told OK! mag in the US: “Zayn heard there’s a sex tape going around of him naked and partying.

“He’s not sure if it’s legit, but thinks there’s a good chance it could be.

“He’s going out of his mind.”

They even had the cheek to throw on at the end: “Zayn is panicking. He’s already hanging by a thread with Perrie, and a racy video would be the end for them.”

Anybody else banging their head against the keypad in despair?

This isn’t the first, and probs won’t be the last, time that the babe has been accused of cheating on Pez, with two gals coming forward following 1D’s stint in Thailand to say that they’d done the dirty with the star.

Tsk tsk.

Needless to say, Zayn completely denied the rumours, taking to his Twitter to rant: “I’m 22 years old… I love a girl named Perrie Edwards.

“And there’s a lot of jealous f***s in this world I’m sorry for what it looks like x.”

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