Zayn Malik Loses Nearly 100K Twitter Followers After Louis Tomlinson Jibe

Right, well, we’re still not entirely over all of that drama from yesterday with 4.41pm-5.24pm being perhaps the most stressful and emotional 43 minutes of our entire One Direction-related lives, but it looks like Zayn Malik is still feeling the effects of his totally uncalled for swipe at Louis Tomlinson.

We kinda feel like he *might* be regretting his decision just a little bit, anyone else?

In case you have been living in a horrible land with no wi-fi or phone signal for the last day or so, it all kicked off over on the social media site after Louis and 1D Yoko Ono Naughty Boy got caught up in yet another Twitter spat.

It started innocently enough with Lou insulting the music producer’s choice in Mac photobooth filter, but then NB had to go and make it personal by slagging off Louis’ (flawless) vocal abilities, which is a pretty low blow considering the 23-year-old babe has previously admitted that this is one of his sore spots.

Not cool, Naughty Boy, not cool at all.

Then things got even uglier when Zayn Malik himself waded into the fight, opting to pledge his allegiance to team #Zaughty and rip the last of our #Zouis dreams to shreds with a rather nasty @ to his former bro: “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine ?”, which did NOT go down well with the fans.

And rightly so.

In fact, some fans were so angry with the Bradford boy that they decided that they’d had enough with his antics and quickly unfollowed his Twitter account, and by ‘some’ we can more accurately reveal that we mean, erm, 95,352 of them.

And counting.


Zayn started the day with a rather impressive 14,683,692 dedicated followers, and less than 24 hours after burning his bridges with bezzie mate Louis it currently stands at 14,588,340, meanwhile, Louis’ count seems to be growing.

Upon seeing the backlash, Zayn took to his Twitter account this morning to moan: “Don’t know why I’m being attacked for defending myself , people got it twisted! I love my fans ?!

“Every single one of you x”

But it seems to be too little too late for the One Direction fandom:

Louis, on the other hand, took to his own account to thank One Directions fans for their undying support and loyalty, writing: “Our fans support really has been a different class ! Huge love to you guys !!”

Huge love to you too, Louis, we bloomin’ adore you.

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