Zayn Malik Lost Over 50,000 Twitter Followers After Naughty Boy Leaked His First Solo Demo

So, Zayn Malik has apparently lost around about 50,000 followers since Naughty Boy leaked that solo demo of his, but to be totally honest, we doubt that this will be keeping him up at night.

We mean, he still has well over 14 million adoring fans…

The eagle eyed Twitter police appeared to be keeping tabs on the brooding babe’s social media account since he sensationally quit One Direction a week ago (welp), and they reckon the most dramatic dip came after he failed to respond to his music producer pal’s attempt to antagonise 1D fans yesterday.

In fact, Directioners are feeling a little bit peeved and let down by the fact that Zayn hasn’t said absolutely anything on his own Twitter account since he walked from the band, with the continuous stream of loving tweets from the four remaining members acting as a stark comparison.

Still, it was the way that a certain Louis Tomlinson jumped to the fans’ defense when he saw Naughty Boy’s frankly cruel trolling that really reinforced Zayn’s silence, with many people feeling let down as it appeared that the Bradford Bad Boi had chosen the producer over his bros.

Anybody else kind of feel as though their parents are fighting?

It was later claimed that the demo that Naughty Boy leaked, and then deleted, was actually supposed to be a One Direction record, although sasspot Lou was quick to set those pesky rumours in their place this morning after asking if the articles about it were an April Fool’s joke.


Whatever is going on, NB’s stunt appears to have paid off and whilst Zayn’s follower count is apparently going down, his is only going up – with annoyed 1D fans unable to ignore that the dramz had seen a surge in his Twitter popularity.

Hmmm, we think that we see what he did there…

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