Zayn Malik Only Decided To Quit One Direction Yesterday, Confirms His Uncle

Despite the fact that there had been rumours surrounding Zayn Malik’s position in One Direction for absolutely yonks, when it was confirmed that the 22-year-old had walked from the band yesterday afternoon absolutely nobody was prepared for it.

It was pretty much the last thing that we expected to happen on our Wednesday evening and we still aren’t completely over it.

Speculation was soon rife that Zayn had been planning his departure ever since he was signed off from the On The Road Again tour last week, with others wondering if his bandmates had known before the announcement was made or if they were just as surprised as we were.

Well, we now have the answer…

According to Zayn’s uncle Sid, the Bradford Bad Boi only made his final decision yesterday – just hours before the news was shared with the world and we all fell into an inconsolable pile of sobs and ugly crying.

Replying to fans in some now-deleted tweets, the concerned relative wrote: “Let me be clear this decision was not planned, it’s circumstance.

“Zayn had not decided to leave months ago, he has decided this now.

“Let me be VERY CLEAR, Zayn decided today.”

He then went on to hint that Zayn was struggling with fame even more than we thought, sharing: “He has been suffering from severe stress for months. It has resulted in his decision [to] leave 1D.

“Stress and feeling depressed can kill. People need to understand his health is more important.”

A very valid point that makes our hearts hurt, a lot.

Although we are all completely devastated that the star has left the band, we can’t help but be seriously relieved that he has been brave enough to step away from the limelight and put his own wellbeing first – after all, nobody wants Zayn to be miserable, do they?

The 22-year-old’s bandmates Harry Styles and Liam Payne have kinda alluded to the mysterious one’s departure on their Twitter pages, with Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson keeping schtum during this difficult time.

We just want all five of the boys to know that we love them all no matter what, and if anybody needs a fresh shoulder to cry on then all they have to do is ask…

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