Zayn Malik Planning To Ditch Simon Cowell For New Record Deal With 50 Cent?

It is being reported that three months after sensationally quitting One Direction, Zayn Malik is planning to cut all ties with his X Factor life and ditch his mentor Simon Cowell in favour of rapper 50 Cent.

Where this leaves his new bezzie mate, Naughty Boy, is yet to be confirmed.

The 39-year-old US rapper has made no secret of his desire to lure Zayn away from Uncle Si’s record label, and he is pretty much certain that the promise of millions will be enough to catch the eye of the mysterious, brooding one.

We guess he missed the memo about Zayn being a normal 22 year old, eh?

Speaking to The Mirror, Fiddy dished: “I want to make it happen. I can make him a lot of money and he can make me a lot of money.

“The point I am making is he needs to be working with the right producers, artists, and people in the genre.

“Some of the pop star rappers are a little cringe, and he doesn’t want that.”

Well, he certainly doesn’t want to be a “cringe pop star”, does he? That is something that was made perfectly clear…

Just last week the first snippet of what the One Direction star’s solo music could sound like was leaked onto the Internet by his pal, MIC Righteous, and fans were left slightly tickled by the vast difference in what Zayn The Solo Artist sounded like in comparison to his 1D tunes:

At the time, it was suggested that Zayn’s current contract meant that he would not be able to release any actual music for the next two years, so 50′s offer to get him out of that deal and into one with him will probs be pretty tempting for the singer.

Either way, we can’t wait to hear what he does next.

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