Zayn Malik Quit One Direction After His Mum Told Him To Follow His Heart

We hope that you are ready to feel all mushy inside because it has now come to light that Zayn Malik only quit One Direction after seeking advice from his mum, Trisha, and being reassured that he wasn’t letting his family down.

N’aww, babes.

In news that makes our hearts sad, it has been reported that a miserable Zayn got all teary-eyed and emosh as he begged his mum to help him make the huge decision, after meetings with industry bigwigs failed to help him in any way.

The 22-year-old is said to have had meetings with lawyers, record company execs, and accountants whilst he was contemplating quitting the biggest band on the planet, but he wasn’t able to make a final decision until his mum gave him the go-ahead.

Speaking to The Mirror, a source shared: “Zayn is incredibly close to his mum. She has been his guiding light and he respects her massively.

“She and his dad, Yaser, raised him and his three sisters on very little money but they were always happy and wanted for nothing.

“That has made him realise that happiness is more important than fame and fortune.

“In any case, now he has the fortune he doesn’t need the fame. Trisha pointed this out and told him the family are immensely proud and he wasn’t letting them down by quitting.

“That’s what swung it. If she had told Zayn to stick with the band, he’d have listened.”

Is anybody else still massively torn between wanting Zayn to stay in 1D but also wanting him to be happy? Shame we couldn’t have both, eh?

The high-cheekboned beauty announced that he was leaving the band for good on Wednesday, saying that he wanted to have a “normal” life, with it being claimed that he had told pals he’d “rather have his picture taken a few times a year than a hundred times a day”.

Still, reports that he is collaborating with hip-hop musician Naughty Boy, who fans have since dubbed ‘Yoko Ono’, have called into question the excuse that he wants to wave goodbye to fame.

The insider added: “He’s spoken about this kind of breakaway idea for a while.

“He was thinking of combining it with One Direction but their runaway success ruled it out.

“He won’t be doing anything until he’s had time out and a good rest, he wants to remember what it’s like to live in the real world.”

Sounds like we’ll have to wait a while still before we’re any closer to knowing what the ‘eck is going on, in the meantime, if Zayn wants any help living in the ‘real world’ then he’s free to give us a call.

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