Zayn Malik Quits One Direction – We Remember His BEST Moments

Let’s be honest, people had been whispering about Zayn Malik quitting One Direction ever since he was signed off from tour due to “stress and exhaustion” last week, but we never, ever, EVER thought that there was ANY truth to the rumours.

How wrong we were, eh?

Earlier today every last thread of hope that we were clinging onto came crashing to the ground after it was officially confirmed that the 22-year-old bad boi of Bradford had walked from the band, admitting that the fame was just too much for him to handle.

Cue a tidalwave of tears from the entire universe.

Whilst we are totally and completely heartbroken about Zayn’s decision, we can’t deny that we are seriously proud of him for having the guts to stand up and tell everybody that he isn’t coping, after all, we love him and don’t want him to carry on doing something that he isn’t enjoying, do we?

One Direction member or not, we can’t deny that Zayn will always have a pretty mega space in our hearts, so in tribute to the mysterious, brooding one we have compiled a list of some of our fave Zayn Malik moments EVER.

Try to enjoy it…. Please?

1. Refusing To Dance On The X Factor

To be honest, we all fell in love with Zayn after he audition for the X Factor 2010 and was known as ‘Zain’, but it was during bootcamp that he really stuck out after he refused to take part in the group dancing.

Insisting that he simply wouldn’t do it, Zayn dramatically stormed off the stage and forced Brian Friedman to ask the now infamous: ‘Where is Zayn?’

Thankfully, Simon Cowell found the cutie-pie hanging about backstage and managed to talk some sense into him, with the singer eventually rejoining the group and being filmed in front of a rather over-eager Louis Tomlinson and his jazz hands.

Ah, memories.

2. Telling Dermot O’Leary Exactly How It Is

Despite becoming the biggest band in the history of the world, let alone the biggest artist to ever come out of The X Factor, One Direction came third during their series of the show – losing out to Rebecca Ferguson and eventual winner, Matt Cardle.

Despite taking a knock, Zayn was the one to utter those immortal words to Dermot O’Leary: ‘This isn’t the last of One Direction’, and boy, was he right.

3. Buying His Mum A House In This Is Us

After finding fame and becoming a superstar, Zayn realised that he finally had enough dolla to buy his mum and sisters the house that he promised to buy them when he was just a child.

Rather kindly, the star allowed cameras to film the heart-meltingly adorable moment that his family saw that house for the first time in One Direction’s first documentary film, This Is Us.

Honestly? The scenes will raise a lump in even the toughest of haterz because it’s just so ruddy sweet.


After refusing to dance at the X Factor because he “felt like an idiot”, Zayn proved that he’d lost all of his inhibitions for the band’s Best Song Ever music video, where he donned drag and became a rather hot woman named Veronica.

Dancing, laughing, and even flirting with Harry Styles, we think it’s clear to see that this is the point that Zayn deffo stopped caring about what other people might think, and it made us love him even more than we thought possible.

5. Admitting To Snogging Liam – PHWOAR

Zayn and Liam Payne’s relationship is one of the most adorable things that you will ever cast your eyes on, and the duo made their millions of fans’ day when they admitted that they’d shared a cheeky snog in a recent interview.

Revealing that Zayn acted as though he was starting a fight when he went in for the smooch, Liam recounted the moment in detail and we’re still not quite over it.

6. His Ever-Changing Hair

Zayn changes his hair more than some stinky boys change their underpants, and every style has been as sexy and glorious as the last, with a special shout out to the ‘do of late 2014 where he proved that one single strand of hair can be the most attractive thing in the world.

Strange, eh?

Anyways, the Bradford boy’s hair changed so blimmin’ much that we even made a slideshow in its honour:

Can you pick a favourite? Because we genuinely can’t.


Every member of One Direction has a very unique vocal flair that they add to each of the band’s songs, and there’s no competition when it comes to Zayn’s ear-tingling high notes.

Although the rest of the boys have been doing their best to stand in for the singer during his absence from the tour, we have to admit that it’s never been quite the same and we are definitely not looking forward to his voice being missing from any future 1D tracks.


8. Charity work

Although fame isn’t without its setbacks, it still comes with a lot of perks and Zayn was able to use his high profile to raise awareness for causes very close to his heart.

Becoming an ambassador for the British Asian Trust, which is dedicated to meeting the poorest communities in South Asia by investing in high-impact local charities, Zayn’s involvement with the charity encouraged his fans to raise almost £10,000 for the cause in honour of his 22nd birthday.

Not too shabby, if we do say so ourselves.

9. Saving His Bandmates On Stage… Like, ALL THE TIME

On top of having nobody to sing the high notes on tour, Zayn leaving also puts the rest of the 1D boys at risk as he is the one who always seems to save them from onstage mishaps.

As well as low-key things like whacking a potentially poisoned bit of food that had been thrown on stage out of his bandmate’s hands, Zayn helped to carry Liam after he injured his knee mid-performance AND saved Harry from walking blindly into an open flame.

What are they going to do without him?


10. Oh Who Are We Kidding, EVERYTHING

In our highly emotional state we realised that we are going to miss absolutely every little thing about Zayn Javaad Malik and that the list of amazing things that he has done is way, way too long to condense into just ten bullet points.

We mean, to be totally honest, every little thing that Zayn has done over the last five years has been our absolute favourite and the thought of him no longer being there makes our hearts hurt. A lot.

All that there is left to do is say a massive thank you to the star for sharing himself with us for these past years, applaud him for having the courage to step back from the band, and cry as we listen to One Direction’s albums on repeat.

We love you Zayn Malik, and we always will – One Direction just won’t be the same without you…


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