Zayn Malik To Release Debut Solo Album In 2016?

What a week it’s been for poor old Zayn Malik eh? After sensationally quitting One Direction earlier this week, the boy with the most perfect cheekbones in pop said that he’d be embarking on a solo career in the near future, after taking a bit of a break from being one of the most in-demand people on the planet.

And it turns out that Zayn-o will be plying his wares on the same record label as his former bandmates – Simon Cowell‘s Syco.

Apparently, the X Factor boss and dark lord of the music world made a deal with Zayn, whereby he was allowed to leave the group’s contract early – with the condition that his debut solo album will be released on Simon’s label.

Oooh, he’s a crafty little man that Simon Cowell, isn’t he?

Speaking to The Sun, an ‘insider’ said: “Zayn is now the most in-demand solo artist in the world. There’s huge excitement as he’s the first member who will be able to release on their own.”

“Simon was very understanding about him leaving the band but quickly made it clear he would stay a Syco artist for his future projects.”

“He’ll now be able to make sure any releases are timed so they don’t clash with anything by One Direction.”

Well thank god for that eh – could you imagine the fall-out if Zayn went head-to-head with the rest of them. Fandom carnage, right?

But anyway, the important news is that Zayn’s first solo album is expected to be released in 2016. Yes, as in NEXT FRIGGIN’ YEAR.

Now we know that Zayn’s craving a rest and all that (to be fair, if we’d been on his schedule for the past few years we’d be going to bed and sleeping through Good Morning Britain for the next six months at least), but seriously? A year? WE CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG GUYS.

Apparently, the new stuff is going to have a ‘slowed down, sexual vibe’, which to be honest we’re not really sure our knickers can handle.

He’s also believed to be teaming up with his mate Naughty Boy on all this slowed down and sexual stuff, after being spotted entering a recording studio earlier this week. One Direction fans felt a little put out that he was moving on so quickly, with some of them directing their ire at the produer, demanding that he ‘Give us Zayn back’.


The producer then took to Twitter, telling the fans to ‘have a bit of faith, guys’, as well as retweeting a post from a Naughty Boy fan account,which said ‘there’s a side in this industry that you’ll never understand’.

Erm, a little bit dark and mysterious there, Naughty Boy – fancy elaborating a bit more?

All very dramatic, we’re sure you’ll agree. Now, excuse us whilst we go to Millets and buy a tent so that we can camp outside Syco HQ demanding to hear Zayn’s slowed down, sexual ‘vibes’ as a matter of urgency.

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