Zayn Malik Wants To Have One Direction Bandmates As His Wedding Ushers

Zayn Malik may have walked away from his four bros last week when he sensationally quit One Direction, but according to his fiancée Perrie Edwards, they will definitely be reunited at some stage…

…If that bloomin’ Wedding ever actually happens that is.

The Little Mix beaut had previously announced that Zayn wants Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson to play a pivotal part on their big day, which kinda makes sense considering Zayn has also revealed that he is so ruddy close to his bandmates that he sees them as actual blood relatives, n’aww.

Although, hopefully not Liam because we like to think that he doesn’t go around snogging the face off his real life family

Speaking in an interview, 21-year-old Perrie said of their wedding: “It’s going to be a massive circus.

“I always wanted to have quite a small wedding but then all the girls in my family are desperate to come and would like to be bridesmaids too.

“Zayn will have Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam as ushers.”

Meanwhile, Naughty Boy will no doubt be crying in the corner.

Zerrie were spotted leaving the country yesterday morning, with it being widely speculated that they were planning to have a quickie wedding this weekend amid all of the dramz that has been surrounding them recently, although we can’t help but think that might be just a tad OTT.

Regardless of whether they’re getting hitched or not, Perrie is keen to show the world that she is standing by her man and took  to her MazSight account earlier today to share a lurved up snapshot of her fiancé planting a smackeroo on her cheek as she smiled and looked gorge.

Obviously we weren’t jel at all…. WELP.

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