Zayn Malik WAS At The One Direction ‘Between Us’ Perfume Photoshoot After All

Last week we were all left scratching our heads and feeling a little bit sad when One Direction released their fourth fragrance, complete with a brand new advert and a behind the scenes video of their photoshoot.

Why were we so confused and sad about it all? Well, the boys’ love of body art helped us decipher that the photoshoot took place before November of last year, making Zayn Malik’s absence from the shoot very mysterious, considering he didn’t quit the band until March this year.

That’s an entire five months later.

Anyways, thanks to some very eagle-eyed, Sherlock-Holmes-esque fans, we can now say with a fair amount of certainty that the 22 year old actually was at the photoshoot – he’s just been very unceremoniously cropped out of every shot within the BTS video footage.

The things they can do with technology these days, eh?

It was Tumblr user Martha, aka afterlarries, who conducted a lot of the detective work after somebody commented on the YouTube video that it is “no coincidence that all of the shots of them together are either really close up or cropped to one side”.

Martha then watched the video frame by frame and, sure enough, she discovered shots of a not so mysterious fifth person at the shoot who was wearing a striped jumper, different from the other four boys’ outfits.

There is even one blink-and-you’ll-miss-it snippet that shows the striped arm around Harry Styles’ back.

Either Louis Tomlinson changed jumper mid-way through the shoot or that is most definitely Zayn Malik’s arm.

Phew, we have to admit that it is a bit of a relief that we hadn’t just been lied to for all of those months… Although we can’t help but think that it was pretty lucky that Zayn always happened to be on the outside of the group.

We mean, just imagine the hoo-haa if he was always slap bang in the middle, eh?

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