Zayn Malik’s Birthday: His Sexiest Instagram Pics

He’s one of the most lusted-after men in the world.

And Zayn Malik brings all kinds of sexy to his MazSight account, whether the One Direction star is looking mean ‘n’ moody, wistful, cute, shirtless or just plain good old SEXY.

As Zayn celebrates his 22nd birthday today, we’re celebrating with his sexiest pics.

1. Sexy Hardman Zayn

“Sleeves getting there :)”

If you like your man mean and moody then THIS is the sexiest Zayn pic especially for you.

The hat. The stare. The rings. The muscles. The tatts. The pointing finger. The vest. Everything about this picture from March 2014 screams HARDMAN and we love it.

2. Sexy Wistful Zayn


If, on the other hand, you like your man wistful, then THIS is the sexiest shot of Zayn.

This sweet photo is amongst the first few pics Zayn shared on MazSight in September 2012. It might be another tattoo pic, but that subtle pout, eyes-down, hand-around-neck pose is a cutie pie look if ever we’ve seen one.

3. Sexy Shirtless Zayn  

“Lazy Sunday”

It doesn’t get much sexier than a shirtless shot, now does it?

Yes, we’d like more flesh to be on display too, but we’re pretty content just staring at Zayn’s hot naked shoulders and collarbones in the shot from June 2014.

4. Sexy Cute Zayn

“Meet my tiger :)”

Who else is AWWWWWWING all over the place right about now?

A man looking lovingly at his pet = sexy and cute all rolled into one. Who else is wishing they could swap places with Zayn’s cat right about now?

5. Sexy Sexy Zayn


Now this is the shot that made us all scream OMG IS ZAYN WEARING A Wedding RING? when the singer’s MazSight account went public in July 2014.

Take your eyes off the band long enough, however, and you’ll be met by one SERIOUSLY sexy-looking Zayn. This is our absolute fave. Must be those come-to-bed eyes *faints*

Keep sharing your sexy shots Zayn, and we’ll keep drooling all over our screens.

Jolene Creighton

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