Zayn Malik’s First Solo Song Leaks – Naughty Boy Starts Twitter War With MIC Righteous

Less than a week after Zayn Malik sensationally quit One Direction back in March, music producer and Zayn’s bestie, Naughty Boy, leaked an example of some of Zayn’s solo efforts much to the absolute fury of fans.

Y’know, as we said, it had been less than a week.

Now, three months later, another rapper who goes by the name MIC Righteous has leaked a full song that debuts the 22 year old’s solo material, and although at first we were a little bit shocked to hear the 1D crooner singing about ‘bad b*tches’ being the only thing that he likes, it wasn’t long until Naughty Boy waded in to give his opinion on the whole thing.

Anybody surprised? Anyone at all?

Responding to the leak track, NB tweeted: “Just wait for the real one… you won’t be disappointed.

“That had nothing to do with me or Zayn, something was stolen from the hard drive that had nothing to do with the rapper involved. [SIC]“

However, Righteous was having none of the producer’s claims, refuting the digs immediately over on his own social media page, claiming: “Why r u like this.. ‘The real one’ ur just gona take my verse off and put krept and konans back on.

“Tell the truth shah. We recorded them bars in ur studio months ago. .. Bout ‘stolen hard drive’.

“LOL NB just denied me like peter denied jesus, an to think we been mates for yrs. guess thats what not being in control of ur own music does.

“This exactly what happened when peter denied Jesus. [SIC]“


Although, erm, would we say that it’s *exactly* what happened when Peter denied Jesus??

The rapper went on to post a lengthy explanation as to why he was the one to share Zayn’s music efforts, hinting that it was the Bradford bad boi himself who asked him to post the track and that he had “no beef” with NB, despite threatening to release a track where he tells the “truth” about him.

Ranting about the whole debacle, he revealed: “Why sign a artist an not let them put out music when they want? ….. NB been good almost throughout my career i ain’t beefing him, but he’s another puppet on a label and to lie like that ….well that just proves it.

“Its like this, when ur signed u have no say what happens with u, where as i do. So i will.

“F**k stepping on egg shells cos i wanna keep the label happy.. I ain’t signed i can do me…Zayn wants the tune out, he ask me to be on the song, shah [naughtyboy] told me that his label wont let him release any music for the next two yrs..

“So you know what i did? I did it for him, for you. And at the end of the day they cant say no to me, i work for the people not the industry. [SIC]“


In all honesty, we don’t really have any idea on what’s going on, but if we have an excuse to listen to Zayn’s beaut high notes then we are gonna take it.

You do you, MIC, you do you.

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