Zayn Malik’s ‘Thailand Girl’ Lauren Richardson IS Officially Going On Love Island

So here it is, peeps, the news that we have all kind of been expecting- Zayn Malik’s ‘Thailand girl’ aka Lauren Richardson is cashing in on her fifteen minutes and definitely appearing on new reality show ‘Love Island’.

Oh, and obviously we have been promised that she is set to “tell all”.


In case March Madness was all too much for you to handle and you have repressed every detail of the horrible few weeks, Lauren was the blonde babe who was papped cozying up to Zayn in Thailand, leading him to leave the One Direction and jet back to his apparently furious fiancee, Perrie Edwards.

And we all know what happened once he was back on British soil, right?!


Now, Lauren is one of twelve singletons taking part in the Caroline-Flack-fronted return of the ITV2 reality show and has promised that she’ll be dishing the dirt on her night with Zayn, insisting that it all got “blown out of proportion”.

Erm, you can say that again – they were only snapped with his hand round her waist, weren’t they?

The East-London gal teased: “I met Zayn in a nightclub in Thailand. It all got blown out of proportion. But that’s a long story…”

After already being linked to shows such as Big Brother, a source told The Mirror that Lauren was hoping to get some kind of reality deal from the headlines, revealing: “Lauren sees Love Island as a great opportunity for people to see the real her.

“She has kept a low profile since the stories ran about her and Zayn, and there are a lot of untruths that she wants corrected.

“She never asked for the attention but now wants something positive to come from the situation. She is looking forward to getting to Majorca and, hopefully, finding love in the process.”

Hmm, something tells us that this is one show that Zerrie will NOT be watching… 

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