Zoella EXCLUSIVE – "Sometimes I Say To Alfie – ‘Please, STOP Talking About YouTube!"

OK, so we may be a little bit in love with this lady.

In ‘real life’ she’s known as Zoe Sugg – although most of you will proabably know her as ‘Zoella’ – blogger and vlogger extraordinaire who has MILLIONS of fans across the world, thanks to her frank and funny beauty and lifestyle videos.

And we think she’s a little bit brilliant – especially because she’s going out with all-round cutie and fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes, better known as ‘PointlessBlog’.

But with SOO much attention surrounding their (quite lovely and heart-warming) relationship – which even has it’s own hashtag (#Zalfie), we wanted to know whether or not the attention gets a little…weird?

“I never expected it to happen like that really, I was just a girl sat in my room making videos, so yes the attention is a bit strange. And because my brother, my boyfriend and my friends are ALL vloggers and all have this following, it can be quite intense sometimes, but equally it’s so nice too – we all have each other for support”.

Well that’s nice, isn’t it?

But can the two ever just kick back and be like, y’know, an average couple? Are they ever not YouTubing? Well – it seems like Zoella has to pop Alfie in his place from time to time – “I do have to tell Alfie NOT to talk about YouTube – we need to be normal sometimes!”

What, like ‘Please can we just watch EastEnders and have a Pot Noodle?’

“Exactly, lets just watch EastEnders!”

Honestly, this is a woman after our own heart.

And for all those who think watching people on YouTube is a bit too ’21st Century’ for them, then fear not – this online beauty sensation has just landed her very own show over on Radio flippin’ One, alongside her other YouTube pals such as Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan.

“It’s so exciting! I’m a bit nervous about it though – I went on once before and I was nervous then, but I ended up having so much fun. The guys at Radio One, like Dan and Phil,  are just so on it, although I don’t really know what I’m going to be doing on it yet! But yeah, it’s exciting.”

Well we can’t fippin’ wait.

Zoella is working with Simple Skin Social to provide you with tips on staying protected in the great outdoors. For hints and tips and to find out what her favourite goodies are, then head over to www.skinsocial.tumblr.com

[ This Morning spell Zoella’s real name wrong – Twitter explodes ]


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