Zoella ‘Quits’ The Internet After She Reveals She Had Help Writing Her Book Girl Online – But Not Forever

Zoella, the YouTube Star, has announced that she is quitting the Internet after she revealed that she didn’t write her best-selling book Girl Online alone.

The hugely popular Vlogger announced earlier today that she’d be “taking a few days out and off the internet,” after it emerged that an editorial team at her book publishers had helped her to write her debut novel.

The 24-year-old took to her twitter account to explain her need for a break, saying: “I’m taking a few days out and off the internet because it’s clouding up my brain. Thanks for understanding.”

Zoella, real-name Zoe Suggs, released her record-breaking book about a teen blogger who has a relationship with an American musician earlier this year.

The book was an instant success, smashing all known records by selling 78,109 copies in its first week.

However, trouble started brewing when people began to say that Zoe had only lent her name to the book – claiming instead that it was all the work of a ghost writer.


Her haters and detractors were quick to pick-up that Zoe thanks and credits author Siobhan Curham and Amy Alward, editorial director at Penguin, for being “with me every step of the way” in the pages of her book – leading many to believe that Zoe herself had little to do with the book.

But in true Zoella style the Brighton based blogger confronted her doubters, and posted a polite but stern message about the book over the weekend.

Tweeting a snapshot from her phone’s notepad, Zoe wrote: “Thanks for all the positive feedback about Girl online and for the doubters out there, of course I was going to have help from Penguin’s editorial team in telling my story, which I talked about from the very beginning.

“Everyone needs help when they try something new.”

Which applies to nearly every single person on the planet if you think about it.

The YouTube starlet then categorically confirmed that Girl Online is her own creative product, stating: “The story and the characters of Girl Online are Mine.”

And, to add weight to the fashion and lifestyle vlogger’s words, her publishing house Penguin released a statement saying: “As publishers our role is, and always has been, to find the very best talent and help them tell their story and connect them with readers.

“For her first novel, Girl Online, Zoe has worked with an expert editorial team to help her bring to life her characters and experiences in a heart-warming and compelling story.”

If that isn’t enough to silence her critics we don’t know what will.

But maybe the poor girl needs a few days break, as it has been a busy few months for the Internet star.

Zoella, who has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.6 million Twitter followers, won best Vlogger of the year for the second time in a row at the Radio 1 Teen awards – and was also invited to help record Band Aid 30 by Sir Bob Geldoff.

So, with all that and now all this book palava, we’re not surprised she needs a little rest.

Although we hope she doesn’t rest for too long, as we need to watch her Vlogmas post for some festive tips!

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